Vocal Foundations – Home Study Program

Build your voice with short lessons that are delivered to your inbox every other week for a year. They provide motivation and a structure for you to practice and strengthen your voice, improve your tone, pitch and range.

  • The cost is only $5.00 per lesson/120.00 per year.
    Paypal or credit cards accepted (click through once, to “Don’t have a PayPal account?”).
  • Note: These are purely technical exercises to build the strength and tone of your voice.
    A basic knowledge of downloading files is required.

Foundation Lessons:

  1. Basic Warmup
  2. Breathwork I
  3. Spatial Resonance and Blending
  4. Intervals and Ear Training
  5. Building High Register Strength
  6. Pitch Intonation
  7. Improvisation and Trusting the Voice
  8. Harmony and Improvisation
  9. Agility and the Blues Scale
  10. Blending Registers
  11. Low Larynx and Overtone
  12. Dorian and Phrygian
  13. Lydian and Mixolydian
  14. The Chromatic Scale
  15. The Blues Scale II
  16. One Voice
  17. 3 Songs
  18. Support
  19. Vibrato
  20. Eliminating the “Break”
  21. Breathwork II
  22. Strength and Endurance
  23. Vocal Rehab
  24. Jaw Tension
  25. Tongue Tension
  26. Vocal Olympics