Lesson 1: Basic Warmup

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Lesson 3: Resonance and Blending

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Lesson 5: High Register Strength

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Lesson 7: Confidence and Authenticity

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Lesson 9: Agility and the Blues Scale

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Lesson 11: Low Larynx and Overtone

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Lesson 13: Lydian and Mixolydian Scales

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Lesson 15: The Blues Scale II

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Lesson 17: 3 Songs

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Lesson 2: Breathwork[wpdm_file id=14]

Lesson 4: Intervals and Ear Training[wpdm_file id=16]

Lesson 6: Pitch Accuracy[wpdm_file id=18]

Lesson 8: Harmony and Improvisation[wpdm_file id=20]

Lesson 10: Blending Registers[wpdm_file id=22]

Lesson 12: Dorian and Phrygian Scales[wpdm_file id=24]

Lesson 14: The Chromatic Scale[wpdm_file id=26]

Lesson 16: One Voice[wpdm_file id=28]