Ear Training – Learning the Intervals

First, using a short “bum” sound, join the group and hit all the notes:

[wpdm_file id=60]

Now, give them their musical names:

[wpdm_file id=61]

Now, move downward in half steps on the lyric, “Singing Out”:

[wpdm_file id=62]

Finally, put your heart into it and sing, “I Trust This Voice”:

[wpdm_file id=63]

Enjoy This Free Instant Energizer and Vocal Exercise!

Warming up the Energy


[wpdm_file id=58]

More Advanced

[wpdm_file id=59]

  • How Could Anyone Ever Tell You[wpdm_file id=7]
  • How could anyone ever tell you
    You were anything less than beautiful?
    How could anyone ever tell you
    You were less than whole?
    How could anyone fail to notice
    That your loving (singing) is a miracle
    How deeply you’re connected to my soul

    Diaphragmatic Breathing: 5 Breaths per Minute

    [wpdm_file id=45]