June 7th

Tibet House

22 West 15th Street


10 AM – 5:30 PM

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In this daylong intensive you can find confidence through the gentle whisper of a lullaby, release emotion with the cry of the blues, rekindle your passion with a driving rhythmic chant, and learn to sing like you’ve always wanted to. Whether you are a total beginner or want to take performing to the next level, Claude Stein’s signature workshop offers transformational results for all styles of singing, chanting, and public speaking.

You’ll learn exercises to relax the throat, deepen breathing, improve tone and range, and overcome vocal blocks. We hit the notes better, project confidently, reduce shyness, and share inspiring breakthroughs in authentic self-expression. Each person, no matter where they start, uncovers a better voice and presence.

Come and sing out fearlessly and overcome any self-limiting beliefs you may hold. There are group songs, harmonies, and individual attention to support your process.

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