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The Power of Natural Singing – Claude Stein

Every human being is born with the capacity to sing in a way that aligns their inner and outer messages and frees the soul. … Read More

Claude Stein Goes Back to School in Australia

The Goo Goo Doll’s voice coach trained a different type of singer on Wednesday, when he coached a primary school choir of disadvantaged youths. … Read More

Swan Song for the “Ideal Self” – Jess Larson

In my most secret fantasies, I’m Melody Gardot, Nina Simone and Madeleine Peyroux. … Read More

Breakthroughs in Performance – Susan Bachner

Consider the shocking possibility of improving the sound of your voice and coming face to face with your inner self at the same time. … Read More

Connecting With Spirit – Amber Llyn Peadbody

I ‘ve always loved to sing. At camp, in school, and I especially loved the sing-alongs. … Read More

Medical Healing with Singing – Joy Christina

Since 2002, I have dealt with Lyme Encephalitis. … Read More

Sounds Like Success – Jena Laske

For a day and a half, I successfully avoided having to sing. … Read More

Ordinary People Find Their Voices – Jena Laske

Imagine singing “My Funny Valentine” in front of a live audience while you lean on a baby grand piano, wearing a slinky red dress. … Read More

Man’s Quest to Improve Launched Teaching Career – Lisa Gibbs

In trying to perfect his own craft, Claude Stein found a new career. … Read More

The Natural Singer – Interview with Claude Stein

Nancy: What differentiates your approach from other singing classes? … Read More