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The audio

and video lessons in this course were created to help participants build on the breakthroughs they experience during the Natural Singer workshop. For two years, the weekly audio exercises and video supplements have helped hundreds of students free their voice, tune their ears and build a powerful sense of confidence.

Now, we’re offering these same lessons to everyone who wishes they could sing better.

52 Weekly Lessons for $195.00
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Not Just A Voice Lesson

The Natural Singer approach is unlike other voice lessons. We do more than improve your sound. What good is tuning a piano if you don’t learn how to play it – and play it with feeling?

Sound, Skills, Soul

• Grow Your Voice
• Become a Better Musician
• Sing Your Heart Out

Who’s it For?

Anyone and everyone who wishes they could sing better.

What’s in the Course?

• Fundamentals for tone, range, breathing, blending, power and resonance.
• Exercises which train your ear for pitch accuracy, rhythm and harmony.
• Lessons to overcome shyness, find your own style and sing freely.

26 Audio Lessons

Every other week you’ll get a different exercise MP3. They run between 5 and 10 minutes and are easy to download and take with you wherever you go. Each begins with clear instructions, an example, and then just the piano so you can continue to grow each time you use them.

26 Video Lessons

On the weeks in between you will have access to a new video lesson. These lectures and demonstrations show you how to conquer stage fright, optimize your practice session, avoid injury, find your own style, sing with more emotion, improve your rhythm, improvise and much, much more.

Yours for a Lifetime

Once you sign up you have access to them forever. As exercises are added and the program is updated there is never a charge.

Money Back Guarantee

100% Guaranteed

The program comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

What You Get:

[row] [span4] THE 26 AUDIOS
1. Basic Warmup
2. Breathwork I
3. Resonance
4. Intervals
5. High Register Strength
6. Pitch Accuracy
7. Improvisation
8. Harmony
9. Agility and the Blues Scale
10. Blending – One Voice I
11. Low Larynx Exercises
12. Dorian and Phrygian
13. Lydian and Mixolydian
14. The Chromatic Scale
15. The Blues Scale II
16. Blending – One Voice II
17. 3 Songs
18. Breath Support
19. Vibrato
20. Blending – One Voice III
21. Breathwork II
22. Strength and Endurance
23. Vocal Rehab
24. Jaw Tension
25. Tongue Tension
26. Vocal Olympics[/span4] [span4] THE 26 VIDEOS
1. Humming
2. Lip Trills
3. Range
4. Power
5. Breath Basics
6. Diaphragmatic Breathing
7. Breathing Components
8. Support
9. Correct Onset
10. Good Breath Technique
11. Panting Exercise
12. Dorian and Phrygian
14. The Chromatic Scale
13. Opening the Throat
15. One Voice I
16. One Voice II
17. Pitch Accuracy
18. Authenticity
19. Finding Your Style
20. Overcoming Stage-Fright
21. Customizing Exercises
22. Avoiding Injury
23. Emotion
24. Diction
25. Rhythm
26. Improvisation[/span4] [/row]